Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st, 2009

My life's been leaving footsteps and memories, good and bad, behind. Like this blog that I have that left untouched for so long that I, at times, tend to forget. Perhaps, it's FB that makes me not update here anymore. It's easier to connect at FB than jotting down memories in a blog.

So let's rewind back to catch up on what's up.

June: big event. got married :D
- went to Singapore and KL for honeymoon.
oh how i love June 2009 this year that i almost spent a month of holidaying...haha.

Between June and December - the usual stuffs. work related
- a colleague passed away.
- friends getting married.
- couples getting pregnant. etc. hehe.

December: sat for GO exam. Really hoping that we would get a pass at least. haha.
- couldn't sit for FR as we left for vacation.
- holiday in Singapore. we spent 6D5N this time because couldn't get enough of Singapore the last time we went in June. There were many ups and downs while we were there. While there were memorable moments, the bad moments were unfortunately the ones we tend to remember very well too. Keeping them aside, I'll think twice of going there ever again. Hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri.

Typing a short post like this seems like my life been shortened in a span of six months. I guess there are just too many things happening that I could hardly even remember. There are flashes of pictures blurred in between inside this head though. haha.

As of this, its the last day of the year now. 31st December 2009. And truly time flies when you're having a good time. Holidays seems like very short despite the long month of December.

2010 awaits for all of us. Let's pray that it'll be a better year ahead, stay fresh and positive and be healthy. haha.

*i'll be posting up some more ramblings soon*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Win live writer

Writing a sample of entry using windows live writer. It’s been a while of not blogging. . . . .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vote for it!

It's a call people. hehe.